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Sung Hee Cho

Mind Power Specialist


Sung Hee Cho(Angie Cho) is widely considered one of the professional experts in “mind power” topic in Korea. She teaches people how to understand their infinite potential within themselves and how to use it to do more,

be more and have more in every area of their life.

Her teachings are based on Bob Proctor, who is considered by many as the master in the “Mind” field. He is also the main contributor to the bestseller and movie, 'The Secret'.

Sung Hee was poor, sick, emotionally broken, abused mentally and physically when she was young. She suffered from severe depression for a long time and gave up on herself.
However, her life has changed dramatically after she understood and applied the mind power technique to herself. She has achieved everything she wanted in her life.

She believes her mission in life is to help people understand their hidden abilities inside and achieve their goals faster and easier than they ever imagined.
She has consulted with over 100,000 people in her mind school, many companies, and universities through seminars and workshops and their lives have changed more and more in Korea.

She has written 4 bestselling books in Korea and is now published in China, which her first book is translated into Chinese. Now, she is preparing to expand her teachings to other countries and looks forward to helping more and more people.

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